Clayton Allred Has been exploring and pushing the realms of infinite possibilities his whole life. always learning, growing and expanding. With a very wild imagination and unique creative mind he has always seen things a bit differently but after attending his first burning man festival in 2001 the realms of possibilities were blown wide open. He saw fire spinning for the first time and a new passion was born. Clayton was in pursuit of his musical career when his attention shifted after being featured on Home of Poi’s (Circle of Lights) Video in 2006 and 2007 making him a source of inspiration to fire spinners around the world. His love for fire grew and so did his skills. Clayton Allred started performing with Adriane Colvin and Fire Muse Circus in 2007. Fire Muse featured a duet performance of Clayton Allred and Jed McDonald that stunned the fire spinning world in 2008 with huge 30’ tosses off of buildings and cliffs with fire chucks and staffs. This Dynamic Duo created huge ripple effects in the fire world and created many breath taking experiences for people from all over the world with their dynamic, high energy performances. Clayton has been taking it higher and higher. His fire gets bigger and bigger and his heart shines brighter and brighter.
Clayton unveiled his new staff (LOVE) to the world at the Redirection Festival in May of 2014. The staff (LOVE) Birthed a tradition of each time it is lit it becomes 2 wishes for the world that the audience decides on and helps blow out. Many wonderful wishes and memories have been made.
Clayton continues captivated his audiences with his unique primal, animalistic movements and heart to heart connection with the audience that can only be felt and cannot be accurately described by words. His fire is HUGE and his message is simple, clear and full of love. Ignite and Unite

“I am a Beautiful, Loving, Creative, Inspiring, Powerful Man of Light and Love.”


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